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The Unwanted Conversation

The Unwanted Conversation

Hi there.

Who me?

Yes, you.

What is it?

You just lost a loved one and are still trying to comprehend they’re gone. Now you’re overwhelmed on what to do next, right?


Then you are like most people who have ever been in your situation, as only 1 in 3 Americans have a will or living trust in 2023. You never had the “Unwanted Conversation” about what to do when your loved one dies. Since 2020, over 3 million people die in the USA each year, according to the Cremation Association of North America. No one wants to have a conversation about dying or even think about it happening. Not even me, but I did. Most people think they don’t have enough assets that they need to worry about it or Now you have no choice and you have to figure out what to do. You ask yourself what would they have wanted. Traditional in-ground burial in a casket? Cremation? Then internment at the cemetery, spread the ashes in nature or display the urn at home? Funeral or Celebration of Life ceremony? So many choices…what to do. And that’s just the funeral part. You haven’t even touched the asset part of that persons life yet and without a will or living trust it makes everything that much harder on you and your family.

Now you have to make all these decisions about what to do with your loved ones body and fast. You’re getting asked questions from multiple people on how to proceed. Hopefully you have help, but everything is happening so fast so you make quick decisions and it’s over before you can even think straight. Now you have a moment to breathe and reflect on what happened. Are you second guessing yourself and hope you made the right choices? You’re not alone.¬†All of this could have been avoided had you had the unwanted conversation with your loved one before this happened. Wills are a great way to have everything spelled out and it makes everyone’s life that much easier, even it they might not agree with all your wishes. This is your life, have a say in what happens when you aren’t here anymore. Nobody wants to preplan their own death, but everybody dies…unfortunately. It just takes a little bravery and a short time to do. Think about having the conversation before it’s too late. It may be uncomfortable at first to bring it up but it will save you those unwanted feelings of not knowing what to do or if you made the right choice for what your loved one wanted.