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7 Unique Custom Pet Urn Ideas by Everkeep Memorials

7 Unique Custom Pet Urn Ideas by Everkeep Memorials

At Everkeep Memorials, we know how much people love their dogs, so we have some pet urn ideas for you today. We specialize in creating custom urns using CNC machining, offering personalized and unique tributes to honor the memory of your beloved pet. From incorporating your pet’s favorite object to engraving their name and paw print and creating scenic designs and heartfelt quotes, these custom urn ideas are designed to celebrate the life and legacy of your cherished companion in a unique and meaningful way.

1. Custom pet urn in the shape of your pet’s favorite toy

Capture your pet’s playful spirit by machining their favorite objects, such as tennis balls or chew toys, into a custom urn. This creative and personalized tribute serves as a heartfelt reminder of the joy and happiness your pet brought into your life, preserving their memory uniquely and meaningfully.

Our co-founder Steve did just that when his dog Lucy passed. He didn’t want to build a shine and be that guy, but he also wanted to honor the dog with a special place in his heart. Lucy loved chewing on tennis balls, so Steve knew precisely what would symbolize her best.

a tennis ball shaped custom modern cremation urns created for their beloved dog Lucy

2. Engraved Standard Urn:

Please choose one of Everkeep Memorials’ standard customizable urn designs and personalize it by engraving your pet’s name, birth date, and day of passing. This timeless and elegant tribute honors your pet’s life with a simple and classic touch, creating a lasting memorial that pays homage to their memory.

Diamond shape modern cremation urn

3. Name and Paw Print Engraved Urn:

Celebrate the unique bond you shared with your pet by machining their name and paw print into an urn of your choosing. This custom tribute captures the essence of your pet’s individuality and companionship, providing a personalized and heartfelt memorial that reflects the special connection you shared.

an animal paw print

4. Picture Engraved Custom Urn:

Immortalize a cherished memory by machining a picture of your beloved pet onto a customized urn. This personalized tribute captures a moment in time and preserves it in a tangible and lasting form, allowing you to cherish and remember your pet’s presence and love for years.

picture of a cat

5. Landscape Scene Urn:

Capture the beauty of a favorite outdoor spot or landscape with special memories with your pet by machining a scenic design onto a custom urn. Whether it’s a serene park, a favorite hiking trail, or a beloved backyard garden, this custom tribute serves as a visual reminder of the cherished moments shared with your pet in a meaningful and personalized way.

a dog laying on a bench at the park

6. Heartfelt Quote Engraved Urn:

Engrave a meaningful quote, a heartfelt message, or a loving tribute to your pet onto a custom urn. This personalized touch adds a sentimental and emotional element to the memorial, expressing your love, gratitude, and remembrance for your beloved companion in a touching and enduring way.

7. Silhouette Profile Urn:

Capture the silhouette profile of your beloved pet by machining a detailed outline onto a custom urn. This elegant and personalized design offers a sophisticated and artistic tribute to your furry companion, highlighting their unique features and personality visually strikingly. This silhouette profile urn serves as a timeless and elegant tribute that showcases the essence and individuality of your pet, preserving its memory in a beautifully crafted and personalized design.

Everkeep Memorials’ custom pet urn ideas offer a thoughtful and personalized way to honor the memory of your beloved pet, creating unique and meaningful tributes that celebrate their life and legacy. Whether you choose to incorporate your pet’s favorite object, engrave their name and paw print, machine a picture, create a scenic design, or engrave a heartfelt quote onto a custom urn, each of these ideas is designed to capture the essence of your cherished companion and provide a lasting tribute that honors their memory with love and reverence.