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Everlast Series Urn

The Everlast Series modern cremation urns bring a unique and contemporary touch to your memorial needs, combining modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. The distinct square-body design, coupled with an angled face, allows for a prominent display of personalization, ensuring that your loved one’s memory is celebrated fittingly. Each Everlast Series urn is CNC machined from premium 6061 aluminum and powder coated to offer a robust and enduring finish.

Personalization is at the heart of the Everlast Series, with options to include laser-engraved details such as names, dates, or special messages that hold personal significance. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of custom colors to make each urn a true reflection of your loved one’s individuality. The sleek, modern design of the Everlast Series modern cremation urn fits seamlessly into any setting, providing a dignified and respectful homage.

Take a moment to explore the Everlast Series urns, and you’ll find a thoughtful and comforting way to honor your loved one’s memory. Each urn promises enduring quality and a tasteful tribute, combining contemporary style with heartfelt customization.

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We precision CNC machine all our cremation urns in small batches out of 6061 aluminum and then powder coat them for a strong and durable finish. Personalization options include laser engraving and/or custom color choices.

Current stock finish options are Matte White, Textured Black, Textured Bronze, and Textured Dark Gray. Special order colors have a 6-10 week lead time.

Each Everlast Series Urn comes in a velvet drawstring bag with a felt pad on the bottom to protect it from scratching surfaces.

The total volume/capacity is approximately 200 cubic inches. Our family proudly designed, machined, and painted it in the USA for your family.

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Engraving Customizations

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